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Hair cutting, colouring and wedding hair specialists

Evelina Kemp Hair and Beauty is run by a great, experienced team with extensive knowledge and training along with a great passion for wedding and photo work in conjunction with every day colouring and styling compatible with the latest trends. Incredible flexibility in working hours enables everyone to visit the stylish comfortable shop.

Additionally, on-site services enable brides to relax up until the big moment. Time for you to know that YOU are the client and you are valued.  You are listened to.  You are our life and passion.

Our passion is to make you happy. Us hair stylists, hair dressers- whatever we are called, should have our certificates and diplomas but most of all we should have the knowledge of what a person needs and what suits that person and creating that whole picture of you.  What time do you have?  How much can you afford to pay for your personal appearance? - can we adjust cost? Any allergies? Family benefit, let’s work out something that works for you and your family. Kids up to age 4 have haircuts for free when mum or dad is a client.

Fringe cuts are always free. We are proud to state we avoid cheap products with more toxins and limited durability and value for your money.  We are proud Keune colour users. Keune is an International professional company who supports their salons with not only the best of products but also with ongoing training. Evelina Kemp Hair and Beauty are proud to call ourselves colour experts.

Specialising in colour correction and expert colour work. At Evelina Kemp Hair and Beauty, we are always willing to address any queries with regards to product, service, price, or any other concerns you may have. With an absolute honesty policy, we can provide upfront quotes, along with upfront and honest results. Our staff have been involved in a range of rewarding experiences, including but not limited to Keune International Colour and Cutting Advanced Courses, Miss Scandinavia Styling, Goldwell Masters and Education, NAC Colour Masters, Sebastian Helsinki Education and Show Work, Trucco Education and Makeup, Ali Hamylton Courses, but our most rewarding experience is catering to YOU- the next person in our chair.

Contact us for Makeup Services we would love to help.


Making your hair and beauty needs simple and accessible
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