Evelina Kemp Hair and Beauty is run by a great, experienced team with extensive knowledge and training along with a great passion for wedding and photo work in conjunction with everyday coloring and styling compatible with the latest trends. Incredible flexibility in working hours enables everyone to visit the stylish comfortable shop.

Room Features; Spacious private beauty room available to rent or become part of the Evelina Kemp Hair and Beauty Team approximate room size: 14ft x 18 ft | 4.27m x 5.49m

Comes with;

  • Air conditioning
  • Sink with hot and cold running water
  • Closed cabinet storage
  • Additional stackable shelving
  • Wifi Access
  • Online booking and marketing system ( Sign up and registration required )
  • Week to week rent payments due
  • One month deposit required
  • Direct deposit
  • Hardwood floors
  • Liability insurance required

Interested service providers submit an application below.

Applicants instructions

Notice: Please read the application form carefully and answer as many questions as you can, the more information we have the better-informed decision we can make, please note you will be required to upload certain information about insurance in addition we ask for two references, an ABN number if available?

After reviewing your application we will call to set up a time for a personal interview during that time, share our renter’s agreement, booking system, and general terms and conditions while answering any questions you might have.

We are excited to meet you and hope that we can have a positive fulfilling working experience.

Best and kind wishes,

Evelina Kemp.

  1. Complete and submit beautician application and services form. To start click this link
  2. Conduct personal interview applicants must provide a current resume.
  3. Review rental agreement terms and conditions.
  4. Complete and submit profile builder form.
  5. Sign up and register for the online booking system.