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PRODUCT REFILL shampoo and conditioner 250ML / 8OZ

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It’s easy- thanks for helping out with the environment it’s the only one we have at the moment.

  1. Fill out the form and submit
  2. Place your order
  3. Drop off your bottle if we can we will re-fill right away if we can’t please give us 24hours

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Did you know ‘Fun Fact” Why we like to re-fill our shampoo’s and conditioner! Reusable packaging has a much lower environmental footprint (75% in global warming potential (GWP), 60% in eutrophication and 95% reduction in waste). Refillable bottles emit less greenhouse gas emissions than one-way bottles.

  • Select a Shampoo Refill 250ml / 8oz
    • Color Protection | Moisturizing | Deep Cleansing | Calm | Cooling
  • Conditioner Refill 250ml / 8oz
    • Color Protection | Moisturizing | Calm | Cooling

Evelina Kemp

Evelina Kemp Hair and Beauty is owned and managed by Evelina herself. Together with her experienced team, they use their extensive knowledge and training to deliver the highest service as one of the trusted hairdressers in Port Macquarie. Together with a great passion for wedding and photo work, the Evelina Kemp Team specialise in everyday colouring and styling compatible with the latest trends.

Online booking tip

Hair color; Let’s say you want to book a hair color (root touch up) and haircut.
Step1 ) Schedule your hair color appointment first. After you have received your booking confirmation you will need to book your haircut appointment.
Step 2) Schedule your hair cut appointment second, One (1) Hour after your hair color appointment.
For example; (9:00 am hair color / 10:00 am Hair cut)
If you’re unsure we are always happy to speak with you in person.

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Meet The Friendliest Hairdressers In Port Macquarie

Evelina Kemp Hair and Beauty has been an icon of the gorgeous town of Port Macquarie for 22 years and we wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. This idyllic town is home and we love everything about it.We’ve been fortunate enough to build a strong business through our trusted clients who come back time and time again for their new look.

Whether it’s a refresh, fresh color or whole new you, we’re the team to give you the best cut and color you’ve ever had.

Come in and see why we’re the best hairdressers in Port Macquarie. And don’t just take our word for it…