A private makeup lesson tailored just for you! Throw out the old makeup.

Available Thursdays and Fridays, update your skincare routine, throw out the old makeup, update your makeup bag with the latest accessories, change that colour palette? Well, this is for you, we offer a workshop for groups of 1 - 4, or lessons for those that want to learn more about the latest trends in beauty products, accessories, colour styles and learn about the right colours for your wardrobe.

Private Makeup lesson - 60 min

Cost - $65.00

Learn about the custom made foundation, the foundation made just for your skin type.

You no longer have to second guess the right colour of your foundation in store or swatch colours that don't actually match your skin colour, or worse still blend a number of "off the shelf" foundation colours together to get your colour. Here at Just Beautiful we will mix your formula perfectly, matching it to your skin tone, colour and skin type -  addressing your specific requirements to bring out the best matched colour to your skin. Whether you’d like a full coverage matte finish or dewy luminous glow, light weight finish, or a tinted moisturiser blend, we can add SPF, hydration and retexturizers to suit your individual requirements and finish.

The vegan formula won’t clog your pores and is perfect for sensitive skin, does not contain parabens and is fragrance free. No harsh chemicals.

Take home a new favourite colour.

We can be found inside the Evelina Kemp Hair and Beauty Salon located at: 84 William Street, Port Macquarie, NSW, 2444

or call for more information at: (02) 6584 5390

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