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Online booking solutions

THE FIRST EIGHT WEEKS OF YOUR WEEK TO WEEK PACKAGE IS FREE followed by weekly payment with automatic renewal.

We know behind every great business or service comes a great team, positive support, and planning. The most significant issues in the service industry today are uncertainty, innovation reinvention, time management finding balance in life, work, and family.

Increase sales, delight customers save time, and serve your customers with a range of online booking  scenarios,

One-on-one meeting – let your customers book appointments with you, create multiple booking pages with different options for service times and cost.

Personalized links – personalize links to streamline your customer’s booking experience.

Time management- Define when customers can schedule appointments, you’re always prepared.

Cancellation and rescheduling – Define your own cancellation and rescheduling policies for your customers.

Notifications – Send confirmation and reminders to ensure your customers never miss an appointment.

Join the booking pool or remain as an individual – Join the Evelina Kemp booking page reducing delays by showing customers the combined availability of all team members.

Integrate with your calendar, website, and payment.

What we do !


The Human Touch, it takes a team, you do what you love and we do what we love, working together we achieve great things.

With over 30 years of COMBINED EXPERIENCE, we have the know-how you need what is vital to your business success

The Mission:

  • ATTRACT new business
  • BUILD your customer base
  • GROW your business

How: Two ways

  1. We create your exclusive booking page.
    1. Individual services
    2. Packages
    3. Monthly, weekly, daily promotions
    4. Special service links that customers can use to directly book with.
  1. We create your individual seller’s page.
    1. Your Profile
      1. Career highlights
      2. Customer feedback
      3. Latest videos
    2. Booking page
    3. Social media feed
      1. Instagram
      2. Facebook
      3. Twitter
      4. Pinterest
    4. Highlight your favorite product and brands.
    5. Highlight your latest service or promotion.
    6. Your own blog spot (coming soon)

Our Process:

  • We create your individual booking page and require your help getting services, prices, service duration, and descriptions ( service description are optional)

Link your booking page to your personal calendar and you’re ready to start taking online appointments.

  • We create a seller’s page that is unique to you the thing that makes you special.

This is our job once we have completed our job all you need to do is join! You get your already set up booking page and a seller’s page ready to go!

2 months free no obligation you can deactivate at any time.

Planning The future! 

It’s up to you to bring it to life just copy and paste (Too Easy) 

We produce content just for you and your customer’s post on your seller’s page, all you need to do is share your seller’s page on your social media and ask your closest friends to share with their friends.

“Online booking will soon surpass what front desk staff can do after a guest tries online booking once they continue to use this channel.”

Every business needs a constant flow of new clients, in 3 years you may well lose half of your salon client base.

Our methodology; Understand your PASSION, DESIGN education training, and digital marketing that matches your level of SUCCESS.

The First Eight weeks of your week to week package is FREE

Online booking create your services and pricing structure

Your own Booking / Sellers Page

One of many examples of your booking page.

This is an example of our On-Line Booking Page.

Create content on your own sellers page that speaks to your clients

Your Individual Sellers Page

Content Creation

In sync with your booking page we support your goals by creating custom content for you and your clients. Service Promotions, Personalised Branding, Online retail promotions.

We create and you push them to your social media outlets.

One % Better learn something new each week.

Education ONE % Better

Custom Education tailored to your needs, Motivation, Business coaching, technical excellence.

Week to week package can be free learn how to work smarter and not harder.

Ask about your Two months free Online Booking.