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Welcome to our new post, Evelina Kemp Hair and Beauty. Think of it as your direct line to the designers, stylists, beauty experts, editors, and tastemakers who are shaping the fashion and beauty world. A beautiful hairstyle is the shining highlight of your character.
Deep, rich, and velvety - brunettes really have it all. Don't get us wrong, a vibrant blonde is hard to beat. But there is something about the depth d dimension from those darker shades that gets us excited. Searching for some looks to inspire your clients with? 

We've got you covered! 

Evelina Kemp Hair and Beauty of Port Macquarie says, 

“The wonderful diversity of the many undertones in the broad spectrums of browns and the diverse techniques applicable are phenomenal.”

-Like the  Halo Drop Balayage Technique that helps in the busy modern persons life.

It is a form of advanced balayage placement and sectioning which preserves depth in the root area and in the interior of the hair.

The result is hair with a natural, sun-kissed look and vibe. Also, with some of the gray blending in front areas will allow the colour to be enjoyed longer.

Spice Brunette
Midnight Gloss
Cappuccino Brunette
The Pinch Brunette

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Balayage, which means “sweeping” in French, is a modern coloring method wherein hair colors are hand-painted onto the strands.

This free-form painting creates a dimensional finish. The root looks softer and muted, making it lower maintenance than the traditional highlights.

Ask for professional recommendations. This is what Katie Carroll suggests, a balayage and blonde specialist from Milford, CT.

“Trust your stylist when deciding which tone would best complement your skin and eyes. Discuss with them what type of maintenance you’re in for,” Carroll adds.

At-home hair products are essential to keep the color looking healthy and vivid. Carroll loves using shampoo and conditioner from the Virtue Recovery Series.

Prevent dull, lifeless, and brassy tones by keeping up with your glosses. “A gloss can bring hair back to life and leave it looking shiny like you just had a fresh balayage. This is a must,” Carroll points out.

Time to level up your everyday look! Get ideas from these images of the best and trendiest balayage hair colors now.

Dimensional Brunette Hair

Instagram @cocoon_styling

Dimensional brunette hair brings out the richness in your natural base color. A hand-painted hair technique is very common to achieve a soft dimensional brunette balayage.

Platinum Blonde Babylights with Dark Roots

Instagram @pcxhair

Platinum blonde babylights with dark roots are definitely a color that will wow everyone. The contrast with a dark root really makes the platinum blonde pop. This look is achieved by using the rooted blonde technique. The high maintenance, hand-painted style will definitely be worth it when you received tons of compliments.

Natural Balayage

Instagram @salonmusecluj

Natural balayage is perfect for a first-time balayage experience. Keeping a natural toned balayage on dark brown hair will give you a low-maintenance look. Being so soft, this look can be worn straight or curled and will still look phenomenal.

Copper Balayage

Instagram @hairby_mirandarae

Copper balayage is definitely the color of the year. The warmth and brightness will make you look and feel ready for summer. Painted hair trends are giving women a soft, natural low-maintenance style, which is why it’s the go-to technique for most stylists.

Bronde Balayage Hair

Instagram @coloredbyphuong

Bronde balayage hair on dark hair will give the perfect amount of dimension without overpowering and keeping it natural. This warm, low-maintenance style is suitable for many women of all ages.

Honey Blonde Hair Color


Honey blonde hair color is a mix of golden and natural hues. The warmth compliments medium brown hair very well. Ask for a high balayage ombre keeping dimension from your base color to achieve this beautiful look.

Frosted Lavender Color

Instagram @hairstylesbyrosy

A frosted lavender color compliments lighter hair extremely well. The little hints of lavender definitely brings out the brightness in the ash blonde highlights. Style using a one inch curling iron to achieve luscious Hollywood waves.

Grey Foilayage

Instagram @hairby_nataliemarie

Grey foilayage is full of brightness and dimension. Using foil highlights will help achieve this look by getting you as light as possible so the grey tone can be achieved. Dark purple shampoo is recommended to be used for this balayage, for it to stay looking fresh.

Smokey Purple Balayage

Instagram @silverbeaute

Smokey purple balayage is a unique mix of a purple ash tone. This style is perfect for younger women wanting to add a vivid shade without going to bright and keeping it subtle.

Red Copper Balayage with a Root Melt

Instagram @christihair.abq

A red copper balayage with a root melt is perfect for women that want bright vivid colors. Doing a reserve balayage, with lowlights and a root melt, will give you a softer grow out.

Light Brown Balayage

Instagram @jadebyida

Light brown balayage with a heavy bright money piece makes you feel fabulous. Balayage hair dye ideas are ideal for women wanting low-maintenance hair while keeping up with the newest hair trends.

Burgundy Balayage on Black Hair

Instagram @oliviamelissahair

Burgundy balayage on black hair is definitely a favorite for a lot of women. The darkness in the roots helps the burgundy balayage really pop. You will definitely be receiving a lot of compliments if you choose this beautiful combination.

Golden Brown Hair

Instagram @hair.bykimberly

Golden brown hair with brightness around the face and softness in the back is a beautiful choice for women still wanting a natural sun-kissed look. Curls are an ideal hairstyle with balayage since it helps show off the contrast between the base color and golden brown highlights.

Pink Balayage Ombre

Instagram @hairbymissha

Pink balayage ombre compliments medium brown very well. Ask your hairstylist to use the balayage hairstyle technique to achieve this hand-painted pink balayage.

Mushroom Brown Balayage

Instagram @beautifulblondesby_jacquie

Mushroom brown balayage goes beautifully with dark brown hair. The low contrast style with balayage keeps this look easy to maintain. Toning to keep the brass away is all this style needs.

Silver Balayage Hair

Instagram @hair_inspirationn

Silver balayage hair is the go-to style for many younger women. Ash tones are very trendy at the moment. Ash-toned balayage hair will need more upkeep to since cool tones fade a lot faster than warm tones.

Hand-Painted Auburn Hair

Instagram @hair.afterhannah

Hand-painted auburn hair is a very warm overall look. The dark warm base with hair painting is a perfect blend. Style with a wide curling iron, finishing with a shine spray will definitely bring you many compliments.

Warm Chocolate Balayage

Instagram @tiakaseyhair

Warm chocolate balayage is the definition of less is more. This balayage style gives dark brown hair the perfect amount of dimension and warmth.

Ash Blonde Babylights

Instagram @hairbykacie1

Ash blonde babylights will make you look and feel very trendy. To achieve this look, ask your stylist for an ash blonde balayage with a dark shadow root. Style with a curling iron finishing with oil to get tousled beachy curls.

Ash Brown Babylights

Instagram @hairbykacie1

Ash brown babylights will give dark roots the perfect amount of contrast without being too bright. Ask for an ash brown balayage while keeping a dark root for a smooth grow-out.

Subtle Balayage on Dark Hair

Instagram @coloredbyphuong

Subtle balayage on dark hair is very trendy at the moment. The soft grow out with free-form painting makes this style very low-maintenance. Style with a curling iron to give you beautiful luscious waves that show off the ribbons of dimension.

Sun-Kissed Caramel Hair Color

Instagram @hair.bykimberly

Sun-kissed caramel hair color is a beautiful style for women wanting a change while keeping it natural. A caramel balayage is very versatile for any age. Its soft, natural tone compliments a wide range of base colors.

Strawberry Blonde Balayage

Instagram @thestrawberryblonder

Strawberry blonde balayage is ideal for women wanting brightness, with warm golden tones. Longer hair is perfect for balayage hair color techniques.

Red Balayage Highlights

Instagram @hairbyrachelb

Red balayage highlights are super rich, especially on a dark purple base. Balayage color will give this look a soft grow out with toning being the only maintenance for a while. Use a red shampoo to keep this color bright and alive.

Creamy Beige Balayage

Instagram @vanessastroot

Creamy beige balayage is the tone that’s suitable for anyone. Its medium bronde shade keeps everything looking soft and subtle and is a beautiful balayage on brown hair.

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a woman in white long sleeve shirt holding white hair dryer

Freshen up your look this Spring season with any one of these trendy hairstyles, haircuts and colors! You can try a classic and simple finish like bobs and lobs that never goes out of style. Or, you can add an extra oomph to your look with colors and shaved sides that will turn people’s heads, for sure.

Before your next hair appointment, check out these inspiring images of the best Spring hair ideas of the season!Pixie Mullet with Micro Bangs

Pixie Mullet with Micro Bangs

Instagram @leahbillingsbyhair

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If you’re wanting a feminine yet edgy spring hairstyle, try a pixie mullet with micro bangs. It’s a bold look that is sure to turn heads.Long Curly Shag with Curly Bangs on Women Over 40

Long Curly Shag with Curly Bangs on Women Over 40

Instagram @slickback_buttahtoast

If you’re a woman over 40 with curly hair, try a shag cut with bangs. This is a modern look with an 80’s twist that is sure to bring back some nostalgia from those simpler times.

Related: See more curly shag cuts.Straight Copper Shag with a Fringe

Straight Copper Shag with a Fringe

Instagram @bescene

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If your hair is naturally straight and you need something new this spring, try a fringed copper shag. The copper color will add some brightness to your look while the cut adds volume and movement. Middle-Parted Blunt Bob Style

Middle-Parted Blunt Bob Style

Instagram @yukistylist

For women in the corporate world who are looking for a new style, try a blunt bob with a middle part. This look is sleek, professional, and low-maintenance. Perfect for early mornings and long days in the office this spring season. Brown-Blonde Balayage Ombre Hair

Brown-Blonde Balayage Ombre Hair

Instagram @maggiemh

brown-blonde (or bronde) balayage ombré is a modern, low-maintenance look for springtime. The shadow root allows for an easy grow out while still maintaining that bright blonde look. Pink Champagne Highlights for Long Dark Hair

Pink Champagne Highlights for Long Dark Hair

Instagram @james_dyed

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If you have long, dark hair, try adding some pink champagne highlights. The pink hues will complement any brunette tone and will add dimension and personality to your style this springtime season.Icy Blonde Mid-Length Hair

Icy Blonde Mid-Length Hair

Instagram @bangmyhair

If you want to keep your look fresh and light this spring, try pairing a mid-length cut with an icy blonde color. Keep your blonde tones cool by using The Perfect Blonde Treatment by Pravana.Butterfly Locs for Black Women

Butterfly Locs for Black Women

Instagram @imcarriem_

If you’re a black woman trying to switch up your hairstyle, try the beautiful Butterfly Locs. It’s a light and youthful look that is perfect for any occasion this spring season. Tapered Pixie with Bangs for Women Over 60

Tapered Pixie with Bangs for Women Over 60

Instagram @robledostudio

If you’re a woman over 60 looking for a flattering hairstyle this spring season, try a pixie with tapered bangs. Utilize the bangs to conceal forehead wrinkles and to bring more attention to the eyes.

Related: See more pixie hairstyles for women over 60.Layered Shag Cut with a Cool Brown Hue

Layered Shag Cut with a Cool Brown Hue

Instagram @ashleenormanhair

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layered shag haircut paired with a cool brunette hue is the trending look this spring. It creates that messy yet effortless look that is flattering for any face shape.Angled Undercut Pixie

Angled Undercut Pixie

Instagram @shmoakin_hair

If you’re wanting to stay cool for the upcoming spring, try an angled pixie with an undercut. This springtime look is especially great for those with thick hair who want to remove the bulk and keep it off the base of the neck. Vivid Pink Lob with a Black Dip Dye

Vivid Pink Lob with a Black Dip Dye

Instagram @bangmyhair

A vivid pink lob with black dip dye is an edgy yet colorful look that is perfect for spring time. It’s a unique twist on the fashion colors you see so often as the weather gets warmer.Wavy Red Hair with Blunt Bangs

Wavy Red Hair with Blunt Bangs

Instagram @nat_doeshair

If you like vivid colors but want to maintain a professional look, try a wavy red hair with a blunt bang. To keep your color from fading, use the Intense Color Depositing Shampoo by Celeb Luxury.Two-Toned Hair with Beach Waves

Two-Toned Hair with Beach Waves

Instagram @nayaanasarahy

If you’re looking to change your hair color this springtime, try a two-toned color with beach waves. It’s the perfect way to keep your natural color while also adding a pop of pastel in the vernal season.Short A-Line Bob with Pastel Rainbow Hues

Short A-Line Bob with Pastel Rainbow Hues

Instagram @paintitblonde

For a fun and flirty look this springtime, try a short a-line bob with pastel rainbow hues. Fashion colors are sure to turn heads, and they are a perfect way to express yourself.

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Welcome to our new post, Evelina Kemp Hair and Beauty. Think of it as your direct line to the designers, stylists, beauty experts, editors, and tastemakers who are shaping the fashion and beauty world.

A beautiful hairstyle is the shining highlight of your character. The Bridal
hairstyle is of paramount significance to enhance the beauty of the bride.
There are many gorgeous hairstyles to choose from, such as a simple
braid, up-do, or a trendy half-up and half-down hairstyle.

Use ornamental hairpins or a hair flower for a more casual appearance. For
more elegant bridal hairstyles, headbands or a veil can be used.

Evelina Kemp Hair of Port Macquarie says, 

“Bridal hair fashions need to be versatile to ensure a smooth transition from day into night, whilst uniquely complementing the bride’s personality and
hair type.”

Pick something unique one or two components for a modern bridal hairstyle. The dress is just the beginning. Your wedding look is not complete without the perfect accessories, veil, flower crown or bling!

While wedding veils are no longer considered essential for your big day,
there is no denying that this accessory can really elevate your bridal look.
Why not have the veil for the formalities and take it out and reveal your
curls and flowers at your reception? Half-up, half-down styles are perfect
for pulling off this look.

Up Styles | Add a twist | Make a statement!


The upstyle has quickly become a popular style among brides. If you want
to style it with a low or high hairstyle, it allows the focus to be on your face
and ensures that nothing stands in your way on your wedding day.

Add the Twist

We love these styles, and there are many variations of these hairstyles that
don’t require your hair to be braided. An option we love is to add a touch of
something new! Twisting a long strand of hair as a part of your crown to
create an updo is chic, and makes you look and feel elegant and royal.

Make A Statement With An All-Over Side Braid

To create a look that's extremely romantic and dramatic, a long, straight
side braid can make a dramatic statement. We like this style because it's
unique and appears completely different from every perspective.

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  • Toner gloss shine
    • Gloss and toner are like the hair color version of that—they seal the deal. To get a little more specific, they can neutralize brassiness for lightened hair, enrich your color (whether natural or dyed), help camouflage greys, and so much more.
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    Welcome to our new post, Evelina Kemp Hair and Beauty. Think of it as your direct line to the designers, stylists, beauty experts, editors, and tastemakers who are shaping the fashion and beauty world.

    Red hair has long been synonymous with fall beauty trends, but celebrities are switching things up this year and making a case for going red in the summer. Itmakes sense if you think about it; the colour red is daring, hot, and exciting, which sums up the nature of summer beauty perfectly!
    Chloe Bennet is getting superhero ready. The actress is prepping to join CW's live-action Powerpuff Girls reboot as Blossom, which as you might have guessed, means iconic red hair. Bennet shared a glimpse of her freshly dyed look on Instagram on Tuesday with a motivating caption.

    The hair colour picked up steam after Netflix’s hit miniseries The Queen's Gambit aired at the end of 2020. Since then, we've seen many iterations of the fiery hue pop up on our Instagram feeds, from code red to rust and tiger daylily. Lipa went for a bright tiger-daylily hue for her latest Versace campaign, while Ciara went for a deeper rust red, proving there's a shade of red that looks stunning on everyone!

    Ahead, see all our favourite celebrities' red-hair-color transformations this
    year so far.

    The Best Red Hair Colour Ideas to Try Right Now.

    Dua Lipa is a redhead in her first high fashion campaign The 25-year-old singer underwent the same transformation—and then some, with a set of choppy bangs by the hairstylist Paul Hanlon—for the house’s fall 2021 campaign, photographed by Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott.

    "Pelirroja." (That's Spanish for redhead if you didn't know.) Ciara,  On May 30, the singer revealed new, waist-length hair in a vibrant copper hue on her Instagram. And let us tell you, it is a sight to behold.

    Emma Chamberlain has officially joined the redhead club. After paying a visit to celebrity makeup artist Kelsey Deenihan and celebrity hairstylist Laura Polko on Thursday, she revealed a whole new look — this "code red" hair color and bronzed makeup to match — and it's giving us major The Queen's Gambit vibes.
    Gigi Hadid Versace’s fall 2021 spring outing, alongside models like Adut Akech, Mica Argañaraz, Irina Shayk, and her sister Bella. (Plus the house’s new favorite, “plus-size” model Precious Lee.) Hadid would have made a splash anyway, but on top of that, she opened and closed the show—and, in a beauty first, as a redhead.
    Ashley Benson Is Officially A Redhead, And Wow, This Look Is Amazing the Pretty Little Liars star captioned an Instagram photoset posted Thursday, which she which she followed up with a couple more pics.

    Ashley Benson — who confessed via Instagram that she's "always wanted to be a redhead" — are just a few of the celebrities who decided to turn up the heat this season and dye their hair red.

    Charlize Theron, and Chloe Bennet are also new members of the red-hair club after dyeing their hair for upcoming movie roles.

    Charlize Theron Looks Unrecognizable With Bright Red Hair

    Want to know more about Hair Colour book an appointment at Evelina Kemp Hair and Beauty and ask about what is the best colour options for you and your hair.

    Welcome to our new post, Evelina Kemp Hair and Beauty. Think of it as your direct line to the designers, stylists, beauty experts, editors, and tastemakers who are shaping the fashion and beauty world.

    The epic battle between blondes and brunettes is well-fought, but there’s a new player making waves in the hair game. Celebrities of all ages have embraced the grey hair trend, from Jennifer Lawrence

    Most recently, Jennifer Lawrence traded in her bright blonde locks for a new silver 'do, proving just how glamorous this icy hue can be.
    to Jamie Lee Curtis, The moment when you discover your first grey hair is something of a universal rite of passage.
    “This is how I’m doing now,” she wrote. And it’s not the first time the actress has revealed her natural appearance. and more recently, Demi Moore. The trend unravels through a variety of dye jobs, such as solid grey, grey ombre,
    A fabulous ombre fade from black to gun-metal gray to silver-white.

    Grey balayage

    Blonde and grey blend

    embrace your grey hair, learn how to make the most of your grey hair.

    Want to know more about Hair Colour book an appointment at Evelina Kemp Hair and Beauty and ask about what is best for your grey hair.

    The hairdressing world is a fickle old place. One minute we’re all embracing our mermaid waves and the next we’re chopping off our ends in favour of a pixie crop. We can barely keep up either.

    But one hairdressing technique that’s stood the test of time is balayage. Balayage is the ultimate minimal-maintenance colour technique we’ve been turning to for years for that subtly sun-kissed hue that grows out so seamlessly.

    The colouring technique involves sweeping sections of hair lightly with blonde and golden highlights. But, unlike other colouring techniques, the highlights are blended seamlessly throughout lengths (think soft caramels harmonised with luminous blondes) to ensure that there’s never a band of colour or tell-tale roots left visible. In fact, it only gets better and more blended with time.

    It’s not new – it’s been a favourite among celebrities and influencers for years – but because the technique gives such pretty dimension, it’s not going anywhere fast. However, it has been updated. Pro stylists have continued to experiment with new colour combinations and application techniques to make the finish softer and more beautiful than ever before and one such technique just landed from Italy, and we predict it’s going to be major this summer.

    The updated version of the technique is called Shatush, a free hand technique that only highlights hair that would be sun-kissed. Domenico Casella, a new senior colourist at Neville Hair & Beauty, has brought the technique over from Italy with him and people are going wild for it.

    “Similar to balayage, Shatush is extremely soft and the results subtle,” he explains. “It’s the perfect colour service for those wishing to add dimension to their hair.” Domenico cleverly creates the look by using his finger tips and a cone only. By using his fingertips and hands to apply the colour, this enables him to delicately place colour. A brush stroke can have a more pronounced effect but Domenico likes working with his hands as he is more in control with the sensitivity of the hair.

    As for the cone, this is used to achieve a gradient effect, he says. “The hair closer to the cone is darker and more blended, whereas the external hair which surrounds the face is brighter and lighter in colour.” By using the cone, he can achieve a similar effect to balayage, and by using his hands on the cone he has more versatility and can create colour without using foils, which is ultimately better for the condition of the hair and also helps protect it from the heat. Genius.

    “This technique is better suited to someone who is really looking for a natural effect, less fuss, less regrowth,” he said. “The results of the hybrid colour with the cone are more natural and unlike standard balayage, the hybrid colour technique is extremely visual.”

    stylish young female artist with synthesizer in dressing room

    Welcome to our new post, Just Beautiful Port Macquarie. Think of it as your direct line to the designers, stylists, beauty experts, editors, and tastemakers who are shaping the fashion and beauty world.

    Art takes on a different form when it comes to makeup artist Pati Dubroff. Using bare celebrity faces and makeup brushes as her medium, she’s established herself as an artistic mastermind creating countless iconic beauty moments. Her long and successful career has taken her from ’90s-era fashion runways to

    music video sets to the glossy pages of Vogue to red carpet events and, recently, even film. Her impressive résumé is well documented in the Getty Images archives of clients such as Margot Robbie, Kirsten Dunst, Angelina Jolie, Kate Bosworth, Priyanka Chopra Jonas, and so many more. Since entering the makeup world back when supermodels like Claudia Schiffer and Christie Turlington ruled the sartorial world, she’s proven herself to be a true whiz at navigating ever-changing beauty trends. To this day, you can still find her creativity flourishing on the carpets of the Met Gala or in the glossy pages of international publications. This week, she sat down with Hillary Kerr to discuss how she fell in love with makeup at the age of 10 and the many milestones she’s reached in her career throughout the decades.

    Confirm or deny, I read that you started doing makeup at the age of 10. Is that true?

    Confirm, yeah!

    What drew you to makeup? And at what point do you go from “I’m 10 and I’m playing with it” to “Wait, this might be a career”?

    It’s interesting because way back then, we’re talking 40 something years ago, being a makeup artist wasn’t a known career like it is now. I think if you ask a 3-year-old, they know what a makeup artist is now, right? But back then, it wasn’t one of the career options. My mother had this little makeup table, she wasn’t extravagant with it, but she had a few nice things, and I just gravitated to that. I wanted to play, and she let me play. I would paint it on myself, watch her do herself, then start to do her friends, my friends. Then I was the girl who everyone went to for the school plays and the dances. I just knew I loved it. I remember thinking, I want to be around this when I grow up, but I didn’t say, “I want to be a makeup artist when I grow up.” So that took me finishing high school and then getting to New York, and then obviously, department stores had makeup artists. I went straight there. That was the first entry point as a way to intertwine that thing that I was really into and a way to pay the bills. And I was young. I was straight out of high school, literally. I graduated, and I hightailed it to New York City, and I got that job at a counter. That started setting me up to see all of the opportunities. And you know, a makeup artist can be a working makeup artist in so many avenues. There are so many ways to express yourself as a makeup artist. It doesn’t have to look one way. I’m really fortunate that I got to try out a few different ways early on.

    Let’s talk about the red carpet. How does that vary? What was it like figuring out what worked for the red carpet, for you, for your clients, for everyone?

    Well, no one taught me the red carpet. I didn’t assist anyone on a red carpet. That was purely trial and error. The very first Oscars red carpet that I did was Liv Tyler. It was 1999, and she was wearing a lavender Prada gown, and I did a pretty makeup look. But when I look at it now, I’m like, oh, I could have been a little more red carpet polished. I didn’t know. I was doing her as if she was doing an editorial.

    Want to learn more about makeup, come to the Port Macquarie Custom Blend Makeup Bar. 

    It was a learning curve seeing the result of red carpet images when WireImage, back then before it was even Getty, those WireImage pictures would come out. You would just kind of have your fingers crossed and hope it looked okay. It was really just repetitively looking and going, Oh, ah. That didn’t work. Why? Not gonna do that again. Or Oh, that looked really pretty. So trial and error. And you’re not just doing the makeup for the red carpet; you’re doing the makeup for the entire rest of the night. You’re doing her at noon, and she’s out till 2 in the morning. That’s got to hold up; there’s a lot going on between those 14 hours or whatever. It’s finding the balance between looking great in every lighting situation, the makeup performing and holding, and looking great when they’re talking to their friends. I think that that’s where sometimes a misstep can happen. Someone’s wanting so bad to make sure that it’s gonna photograph well, look great on the TV screen, but they’re not thinking about that person having to be close with their peers and feel confident and not feel like they have a cake face, unless that’s their thing.

    You’ve also worked with Charlize Theron a lot over the years. We’re talking about campaigns, red carpets, and even your first feature film, The Huntsman: Winter’s War. Can you tell me a little bit about that project?

    Well, actually, it wasn’t my first feature film. It was my first feature film as a makeup artist. I did a feature film as an actress. But my first as a makeup artist, Charlize asked me to do that, and I was like, “Oh, no, no, no. I don’t do film. It’s not my thing.” She actually talked me into it by explaining to me that, especially with that film, we could treat it as if it was a really high-fashion editorial. Each outfit could have a very extremely different look, and we could play, and we could get really creative. So that was the carrot that was dangling that drew me in. I was concerned about the technicalities of a film set because of the whole continuity thing—I didn’t really know about continuity—but she convinced me. The makeup artists that were there that were doing the entire film, they would help me, they would teach me, and they were so gracious. And you know, it’s a little bit of a tricky position to be in when you’re the celeb request. You’re not in the union, and you’re an outsider. They were so gracious and so sweet. I got to have a lot of fun and do some crazy stuff with like gold leaf and black blood.

    You have worked with Priyanka Chopra and Margot Robbie for years now, and they have countless incredibly stunning looks. Let’s talk about the camp-themed Met Gala. Priyanka wore silver Dior, there were a lot of silver accents, and you did sort of a plumb berry lip. How did that look come together?

    I was looking at those images again recently, and I was like, whoa, I kind of went for it. First of all, [the theme] is camp. So that’s like anything goes. The vibe of that dress, there was a nod to the royal courts of the past. A Marie Antoinette reference was thrown into the mix. I was looking at these old Dior Galliano runway shows where he had kind of powdered white faces, very court-like, and big, big hair. There was some of that brought into the mix. I did these Swarovski crystals as a beauty mark because I had learned in my research that in that period, the placement of the beauty mark was very important for sending a message to others. Like if you place it here, you’re single. If you place it here, you’re flirty and maybe you’re ready to get rowdy. If you place it there, you’re married. I loved that, those subtle cues. We did one and then we did another, and then we thought, let’s put one in the center like a bindi because that’s speaking to her heritage. It was actually one of the trickier red carpets for me because I didn’t know what the dress was going to look like until pretty late in the game. It was one of those [times] where nobody really knew what they wanted to do until we got into the room.

    This interview has been edited and condensed for clarity.

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