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Your Goal Our Mission, make the most of your time, optimize your services, and motivate your clients
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Online Booking Solutions

Motivate your clients

Motivation is a key factor when it comes to trying something new. As a service provider, you want to ensure you are providing the necessary motivation at every customer touchpoint.

One way to encourage clients is to send them SMS reminders or emails leading up to their appointments. You can send up to three reminders, as well as a follow-up to congratulate them on a new style or simply thank them for their visit. The content of reminders is completely customizable, allowing you to provide the optimal message to motivate clients.

Online Booking also allows you to provide motivation during the scheduling process itself. You can fully customize the text on your booking pages to provide encouraging messages to your clients. Additionally, you can create custom themes to add a background photo and customize the coloring on your page. This helps you encourage clients, ultimately increasing your booking rates.


Make the most of your time

A scheduling superpower designed to help you connect with prospects and customers through all stages of the online booking experience.

It is becoming more common for people to booking online search for a beauty service provider to help them achieve their beauty goals, scheduling appointments for the client and service provider can start to be as time-consuming as the time it takes to do the service.

With online scheduling, your clients will be able to make bookings anytime they wish, making you accessible without forcing you to be tied to phone or email. Clients can choose between multiple appointment types and book multiple appointments in one go. Additionally, if you charge a fee for your sessions, payment integration allows you to accept payment for your appointments as an integral part of the booking process.

Your customers will be impressed with how easy it is to book with you and you will be able to focus on your clients rather than organizing your schedule.


Allow for schedule changes

Your time is valuable and you want to ensure that you are making every minute count. This means you do not want to waste any time dealing with schedule changes or finding yourself with a free hour when a client does not show up.

With Online Booking, clients will be able to easily cancel or reschedule their sessions according to policies you define. If you charge a fee, you can also determine a reschedule fee and a refund policy. Providing your customers with an easy way to make schedule changes can save you time and help you reduce no-shows.

In the event of a schedule change, you are instantly notified and the time slot is immediately freed up for new bookings. Last-minute openings can be easily filled, helping you make the most of your time.

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