Balayage, which means “sweeping” in French, is a modern coloring method wherein hair colors are hand-painted onto the strands.

This free-form painting creates a dimensional finish. The root looks softer and muted, making it lower maintenance than the traditional highlights.

Ask for professional recommendations. This is what Katie Carroll suggests, a balayage and blonde specialist from Milford, CT.

“Trust your stylist when deciding which tone would best complement your skin and eyes. Discuss with them what type of maintenance you’re in for,” Carroll adds.

At-home hair products are essential to keep the color looking healthy and vivid. Carroll loves using shampoo and conditioner from the Virtue Recovery Series.

Prevent dull, lifeless, and brassy tones by keeping up with your glosses. “A gloss can bring hair back to life and leave it looking shiny like you just had a fresh balayage. This is a must,” Carroll points out.

Time to level up your everyday look! Get ideas from these images of the best and trendiest balayage hair colors now.

Dimensional Brunette Hair

Instagram @cocoon_styling

Dimensional brunette hair brings out the richness in your natural base color. A hand-painted hair technique is very common to achieve a soft dimensional brunette balayage.

Platinum Blonde Babylights with Dark Roots

Instagram @pcxhair

Platinum blonde babylights with dark roots are definitely a color that will wow everyone. The contrast with a dark root really makes the platinum blonde pop. This look is achieved by using the rooted blonde technique. The high maintenance, hand-painted style will definitely be worth it when you received tons of compliments.

Natural Balayage

Instagram @salonmusecluj

Natural balayage is perfect for a first-time balayage experience. Keeping a natural toned balayage on dark brown hair will give you a low-maintenance look. Being so soft, this look can be worn straight or curled and will still look phenomenal.

Copper Balayage

Instagram @hairby_mirandarae

Copper balayage is definitely the color of the year. The warmth and brightness will make you look and feel ready for summer. Painted hair trends are giving women a soft, natural low-maintenance style, which is why it’s the go-to technique for most stylists.

Bronde Balayage Hair

Instagram @coloredbyphuong

Bronde balayage hair on dark hair will give the perfect amount of dimension without overpowering and keeping it natural. This warm, low-maintenance style is suitable for many women of all ages.

Honey Blonde Hair Color


Honey blonde hair color is a mix of golden and natural hues. The warmth compliments medium brown hair very well. Ask for a high balayage ombre keeping dimension from your base color to achieve this beautiful look.

Frosted Lavender Color

Instagram @hairstylesbyrosy

A frosted lavender color compliments lighter hair extremely well. The little hints of lavender definitely brings out the brightness in the ash blonde highlights. Style using a one inch curling iron to achieve luscious Hollywood waves.

Grey Foilayage

Instagram @hairby_nataliemarie

Grey foilayage is full of brightness and dimension. Using foil highlights will help achieve this look by getting you as light as possible so the grey tone can be achieved. Dark purple shampoo is recommended to be used for this balayage, for it to stay looking fresh.

Smokey Purple Balayage

Instagram @silverbeaute

Smokey purple balayage is a unique mix of a purple ash tone. This style is perfect for younger women wanting to add a vivid shade without going to bright and keeping it subtle.

Red Copper Balayage with a Root Melt

Instagram @christihair.abq

A red copper balayage with a root melt is perfect for women that want bright vivid colors. Doing a reserve balayage, with lowlights and a root melt, will give you a softer grow out.

Light Brown Balayage

Instagram @jadebyida

Light brown balayage with a heavy bright money piece makes you feel fabulous. Balayage hair dye ideas are ideal for women wanting low-maintenance hair while keeping up with the newest hair trends.

Burgundy Balayage on Black Hair

Instagram @oliviamelissahair

Burgundy balayage on black hair is definitely a favorite for a lot of women. The darkness in the roots helps the burgundy balayage really pop. You will definitely be receiving a lot of compliments if you choose this beautiful combination.

Golden Brown Hair

Instagram @hair.bykimberly

Golden brown hair with brightness around the face and softness in the back is a beautiful choice for women still wanting a natural sun-kissed look. Curls are an ideal hairstyle with balayage since it helps show off the contrast between the base color and golden brown highlights.

Pink Balayage Ombre

Instagram @hairbymissha

Pink balayage ombre compliments medium brown very well. Ask your hairstylist to use the balayage hairstyle technique to achieve this hand-painted pink balayage.

Mushroom Brown Balayage

Instagram @beautifulblondesby_jacquie

Mushroom brown balayage goes beautifully with dark brown hair. The low contrast style with balayage keeps this look easy to maintain. Toning to keep the brass away is all this style needs.

Silver Balayage Hair

Instagram @hair_inspirationn

Silver balayage hair is the go-to style for many younger women. Ash tones are very trendy at the moment. Ash-toned balayage hair will need more upkeep to since cool tones fade a lot faster than warm tones.

Hand-Painted Auburn Hair

Instagram @hair.afterhannah

Hand-painted auburn hair is a very warm overall look. The dark warm base with hair painting is a perfect blend. Style with a wide curling iron, finishing with a shine spray will definitely bring you many compliments.

Warm Chocolate Balayage

Instagram @tiakaseyhair

Warm chocolate balayage is the definition of less is more. This balayage style gives dark brown hair the perfect amount of dimension and warmth.

Ash Blonde Babylights

Instagram @hairbykacie1

Ash blonde babylights will make you look and feel very trendy. To achieve this look, ask your stylist for an ash blonde balayage with a dark shadow root. Style with a curling iron finishing with oil to get tousled beachy curls.

Ash Brown Babylights

Instagram @hairbykacie1

Ash brown babylights will give dark roots the perfect amount of contrast without being too bright. Ask for an ash brown balayage while keeping a dark root for a smooth grow-out.

Subtle Balayage on Dark Hair

Instagram @coloredbyphuong

Subtle balayage on dark hair is very trendy at the moment. The soft grow out with free-form painting makes this style very low-maintenance. Style with a curling iron to give you beautiful luscious waves that show off the ribbons of dimension.

Sun-Kissed Caramel Hair Color

Instagram @hair.bykimberly

Sun-kissed caramel hair color is a beautiful style for women wanting a change while keeping it natural. A caramel balayage is very versatile for any age. Its soft, natural tone compliments a wide range of base colors.

Strawberry Blonde Balayage

Instagram @thestrawberryblonder

Strawberry blonde balayage is ideal for women wanting brightness, with warm golden tones. Longer hair is perfect for balayage hair color techniques.

Red Balayage Highlights

Instagram @hairbyrachelb

Red balayage highlights are super rich, especially on a dark purple base. Balayage color will give this look a soft grow out with toning being the only maintenance for a while. Use a red shampoo to keep this color bright and alive.

Creamy Beige Balayage

Instagram @vanessastroot

Creamy beige balayage is the tone that’s suitable for anyone. Its medium bronde shade keeps everything looking soft and subtle and is a beautiful balayage on brown hair.

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