Bond Hero

We know colouring your hair can cause damage, but what if there was a way to strengthen hair while you were coloring it?

One of the most revolutionary treatments alongside a color service has been the addition of Keune Bond Fusion – a bond boosting treatment – for all color services. Whether you’re going dark or lifting lighter, Bond Fusion is essential for beautiful, shiny color that lasts and improves the hair’s overall health to match its gorgeous finish. This three-part system starts in the salon and ends with home-care, so education for both the stylist and the client is key.

As Fashion Week comes and goes and a new whirlwind of hair color debuts, we’re positive your clients will be requesting fresh hues for the season ahead. The best way to prepare for their upcoming change is to educate your guests about switching up their shade. How to do this? Pre-booking their next salon appointment, using the proper post-hair color home-care and making sure your clients understand what a bond boosting treatment is. Treatments like Keune Bond Fusion will help transform their hair. Providing your give clients with the right tools to keep hair healthy ensures everyone feels positive about the experience.

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