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Welcome, Alex @ Dreadlex.

Be the master of your destination.

My Passion for Hair and Funky Hair started when I was very young, I was always been Fascinated by Hair jewelry, beads, and Feathery stuff that I decorated any Hair I could find, 2006 I had my first Boxbraids done by a Braidingchick on an Island in Spain that’s where my own Carrier started too, I was fascinated by the look of the Hairstyle, and never went back, I have started studying Hair braiding and Dreadlocking, shortly after I started trying those learned skills on Friends and Volunteers, 17 years of Dreadlocking experience, but I could not have enough I wanted to learn more and more, unfortunately in our Town and Citys where no Markets for those kinds of Hair and Lifestyle, so I became a disability Carrer, and from there I changed into the Automotive Industry to pay the Bills, and on the Side, I kept chasing my Hairdreams.